Fun Strength and Balance Video For Horseback Riding!
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What Riders Have Been Saying.
"Fantastic, just what I needed a way to keep in shape for riding!"
"Well produced video--Prompt shipping."
"I loved the 1st tape so much I had to get one for my friend!"
A few Letters from Customers.

Dear Lynne,

My girlfriend needed someone else to ride her extra horse for her and being the good friend that I am I agreed to ride. (What was I thinking! Never having rode before) I rode a few times with her and realized I need some serious help here before I fall off and break my neck. Any way I get on the Internet in hopes of finding a miracle and I think I did, Your Video! I ordered it and starting do all the work out's, ( mind you the whole time I am thinking how is this going to help me ride ?). Well it did! I have a lot more balance and strength in my legs and arms. What a great time I have riding now. Oh by the way, my son bought me a new saddle to go with the new horse my hubby bought me. Thank you so much for changing my life. I am 53 years old and feel like a new person.

Born again,
Miss Mary

Dear Lynne,

I just received the video today. Wow, what fast service, thank you. I think it's great. I watched it through once and thought, ok, those exercises look pretty easy, but then I added the ball and what a workout!!!! The exercises are simple but challenging and effective, great for riders of all ages!!! I will be using it quite a bit to help keep me in shape.

Great job!!
Sincerely, Lisa Miller Cleveland, NY

Dear Lynne,

I already own the video tape version of your tape and LOVE it. I’m hoping the DVD will eliminate the need to fast forward through the set-up bit and go straight to the stretching. Also, I thought that you’d like to know that my riding instructor (I’m riding saddle seat at the moment) was amazed at how well I held up at the trot, posting, after an entire month off from riding. I owe it all to your tape. Thanks for such a great product! Are you thinking of doing another?

Thrilled in Minnesota, (Where we really appreciate the bright sunny outdoor setting in your tape)
Kristine Dohrn

Dear Lynne,

I can't believe I got my DVD so soon! I opened it up, reviewed it once, and did the routine with my own ball. I especially loved the section on posting. Even though I ride English, loved the music. I especially enjoyed the dogs cavorting in the background, as I owned a Husky once. I really felt the routine was very analytically planned. I just started riding, and had never been on a horse until then, having loved them from afar. Exercise does work!!! Before I even signed up for lessons, I was doing half squats in anticipation of posting, and stunned my new instructor by posting at a walk in the first half hour lesson, and posting at the trot in the second without gettin' smacked in the butt. I ascribed that to exercise, and went looking on the 'net and found your DVD because I really believe exercise will make you perform better and feel better. Great production! This WILL get used three times a week! Oh, by the way---- I'm just a kid starting to ride.... I'm only 54...

Stephanie-Noel Dodt
Patchogue, Long Island, New York

Hi Lynne,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your Saddle Up DVD. It is helping me with agility, balance and softness. Hope you are thinking about putting a second DVD together. It's extremely well done!! Thanks for helping an old gal (soon to be 51) become a better're the best!!!!!


Debbie's response when I asked her if I could use her letter on this web site.

Hi Lynne...

Oh yes, my all means use my letter on your web site. Everyone who rides, young or old, beginner or advanced, should own your DVD. It has not only helped me become a more confident, balanced rider, but it has also helped my horse become more responsive and relaxed. I appreciate all the time and hard work you put into making the DVD.


Dear Lynne,

Thank you for the prompt shipment of the DVD's (the exercise DVD and Debbie Rocha's Horsemanship from the Ground).  Both were enjoyable to watch and I've already learned some helpful tips from both.  I
especially enjoy the candor and relaxed settings of both (the dogs are certainly a nice and funny addition!).

I hope to find more DVD's listed on your website in the future (please e-mail me if you do!).

Laura Strum

Just to let you know,

I am riding English saddle twice a week since 2 years and I had reached a "plateau" where I needed to do something to get more flexibility in my lower back and get a better posture. 

I have been doing the Saddle Up exercises for a few months now and it got me to exercise the right muscles.  Since my posture and legs' position are much better now I have increase my confidence on the horse (I am less scared to fall off when the horse does unexpected moves).

Thank you!



I did the workout for the first time this week and it looks like it will give me exactly what I’m looking for. I only ride occasionally, but am doing a 3-week trek on horseback in August! This will help a lot in being ready for that. Thanks!